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Oh boy! More John Calipari to the NBA rumors. They have popped up every March since Calipari took the job at Kentucky in 2009. Each year he returns and denies wanting to coach in the NBA again.

Calipari coached the New Jersey Nets for three seasons with a record of 72-112. But his coaching stock has raised with the way he has handled took recruits and dealing with egos ( i.e.DeMarcus Cousins).

More on Cal’s time with the Nets here.

Welp it is March again so let’s look at the latest rumor. According to NY Daily News’ writer Frank Isola, Calipari is among a short list of candidates for the New York Knicks head coaching job when they inevitably fire Mike Woodson. 

Mills’ plan has been to start a coaching search this summer and already several prominent names have surfaced, including Kentucky’s John Calipari and former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy. Golden State’s Mark Jackson and Chicago’s Tom Thibodeau would also be under consideration but with Jackson and Thibodeau under contract, the Knicks could be put in a position to provide compensation if either were hired.

Those are some pretty interesting coaches to consider. Let’s say they really wanted Calipari, would he leave Kentucky?

I just do not see it happening. Sure the past couple weeks have been rough with all the scrutiny and bad press, but it still doesn’t change that Cal has is made.

He answered a reporters question about taking a NBA job in November of last year:

“I don’t listen to any of it and I don’t think my team does,” Calipari said. “Every year I ever coached, if there was (an open) college job, pro job or any job, I was (supposed to be) going. … But listen: it took me 20 years to get a job like Kentucky.”

He said something similar in April of 2012 after winning the National Championship, “I’ve made statements that I’ve got the best job in basketball and I’m not going to change my lifestyle. I’m not leaving.”

“Kentucky is the best job in basketball coaching.”


It just seems silly to keep addressing this, it has got to drive coaches nuts. As soon as they have success the rumors start.

Now I do not know the mind of Calipari, but it seems very unlikely that he would want to leave. There is not even a hint of evidence to show he is even thinking about leaving. He also makes really good money with 5.2 million dollars a year plus incentives.

He has another great class coming in next year and most of his players are returning. But the media will still ask Calipari if he is leaving and they will still make huge speculations.

Let’s not forget, he didn’t do so hot with all the pressure in the NBA. There is no pressure like a coaching job in New York. I think he knows that, I think he will be at Kentucky until they kick him out or he retires.


What are your thoughts? Would Calipari leave for the Knicks? Comment below.