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Why Pat Forde’s Article Should Go in the Trash with Rick Pitino’s book.

If you live under a rock, i.e. don’t get on social media then you might have missed the most talked about sports article on the internet yesterday.

Pat Forde, best friend to Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich, took it upon himself to personally attack Calipari during this so-called ‘lull’ in his coaching career. If you haven’t read it yet, don’t! If you feel compelled to here is the link… http://sports.yahoo.com/news/you-made-your-bed-john-calipari–now-lie-in-it-233738456-ncaab.html

Too be clear, John Calipari’s Kentucky team is 21-8 with 2 games left in the season and for the time being holding a ranking in the Top 25l. For pretty much every college in America this would be considered a great season with hope for a possible run in the NCAA Tournament, but not Kentucky.

The #BBN knows all too well what “hype” came with this new highly touted recruiting class of Cats. The real question now is, Is this season a failure if these young Cats don’t win the University of Kentucky’s 9th National Championship? I say no….with a big IF after it. I’m sure Cats fans remember this year at Big Blue Madness when Calipari proclaimed that the University of Kentucky “was college basketball” insinuating that college basketball runs through Lexington, Kentucky.

I’m not saying that he’s wrong just trying to remind you how excited everyone in LexVegas was for this year’s team. It wasn’t like Calipari and Kentucky fans were the only one’s excited for this new class, even outlets not normally known for sports, USA Today, were getting in on the “hype” with this article at the beginning of the season. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/recruiting/2013/10/29/john-calipari-kentucky-wildcats-recruiting-class-best-in-college-basketball-history/3171357/ Everyone and their uncle was convinced that this recruiting class was the best thing since sliced bread and college basketball should just take the year off because they had no chance against these 18-year-old kids.

The fact that the this team will be in the NCAA tournament means there is still a chance for a ‘dream’ run in March. Just because UK is a “Blue Blood” university doesn’t mean that they can’t make a magical run. Say this team ends up being a 6 seed on Selection Sunday, they won’t have to worry about playing #1 seed in their region until the Elite Eight.

In 2011 a Kentucky team went in the tournament with little to no success away from Rupp Arena and ended up knocking off everyone in their path to reach the Final Four. That Final Four match-up was against a UCONN team lead by one of the most exciting college basketball players in the last decade in Kemba Walker and Walker proved too much for the Cats of the Bluegrass. Notice I said “most exciting” not BEST, those are two very different descriptions of a college basketball player.

If you forgot, here is the video of Calipari getting thrown out of what had to have been the most frustrating game of his career at Kentucky. Afterward Cal went to Twitter to apologize for his actions, but for the national media it was already too late, the wolves attacked.

Back to Forde….his more recent attempt at “journalism” is laughable at best. He blatantly questions Calipari’s coaching ability and all but proclaims that Cal won his first Championship with someone else’s players. I can’t say enough how ridiculous it is that this man is still allowed to report on anything UK, I wouldn’t want him reporting on the UK Chess team much less the Basketball team. The end game is Calipari has a National Championship, a Final Four and an Elite Eight in his first 4 years as head coach at the University of Kentucky. This season is not over yet and their story has yet to be finalized, who knows where they will end up in March. The struggles of this team do not decide their fate for the rest of this season. Don’t forget this feeling!

images Why Pat Fordes Article Should Go in the Trash

Never forget Cats fans, this team still has über talent, size and ability at the sport of basketball. Never will I question John Calipari’s coaching ability and neither should a man who has never coached a Division 1 game in his life, POINT-BLANK-PERIOD! The best thing us Cats fans can do the rest of the year is be supportive, which is not a hard task for the #BBN. The season is not over!

Stay classy Forde…

 Why Pat Fordes Article Should Go in the Trash