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Let’s get the Battle of the Bluegrass going Big Blue Nation, rivalry week is here!

Over the next five days we need to expect plenty of Kentucky-Louisville breakdowns, predictions and bashings of the rival from all the local and national blogs/sites like us. I being the lead UK writer for KYSCO, enjoy the trash talk when fun and happen to have a deep hatred for the dirty birds. Not necessarily the University itself but more on the lines of the percentage of fans that are delusional, irrational and plain dumb! That is why I put together some reasons why Kentucky is better than Louisville.

First things first. Eight National Championships. That would be 8 for the University of Kentucky Wildcats and only 3 for Louisville. For the math folks out there, 8 > 3 meaning UK is better. OK, that was an easy start, moving on…

Next, the existence of Kentucky and Louisville basketball, which both began in the very early 1900′s. For the Cats, the school has totaled 2124(varies by publication) all-time wins which is 1st in NCAA and counting. Cumulated an all-time winning percentage of .761 which is also 1st in NCAA history. The Cards have won their fair share of games, just not enough. Tallying 1709 to place them 12th on the all-time win list once again meaning UK is better.

Another easy pull for UK, the fan base, Big Blue Nation versus CardNation. This really is not a fight but it is a recorded stat so why not! BBN has brought home the #1 attendance per season title 25 times since 1970 says NCAA.org. Louisville zero. Kentucky has had that #1 crown for the last eight seasons dating back to 2006. Since the Yum! Center or as I prefer the “chum bucket” opened in 2010, the Card fans have been consistently third in attendance which isn’t bad but still not first. Also, the celebrity fan base isn’t even close. Jay-Z, LeBron, Drake, Josh Hopkins, George Clooney, Ashley Judd versus Big Black haha. Cats win again.

Last thing, the Kentucky effect. When you ask a stranger about the state of Kentucky what do they mention? Bourbon, Derby, Call of the Wildman and Kentucky basketball. The UK brand is much more popular across the Nation. You can travel across the globe and run into UK bars. The blue and white is where it’s at, kids want to wear Kentucky across their chest and John Calipari has blown it up even more. 5 days, Go Cats!!!

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