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Teddy and Johnny thelandryhat

In today’s world of social media, many things that aren’t really supposed to be public, quickly find their way zipping through cyber space faster than Charlie Strong in a G-6 headed from Louisville to Austin. While one can find a plethora of reliable information surfing the web and combing through tweets, there are also tidbits that are as reliable as ol’ Chuck Strong telling Tom Jurich and his current players that there’s nothing to worry about from the air phone on that same G-6.

Strong limo bizjournals 300x226 Teddy Bridgewater Scores Poorly On Wonderlic Test

Photo – bizjournals.com
Charlie Strong with his wife and kids in a limo in Austin

One piece of information that got out today and has caused quite an uproar through Cardinal country and even nationally is the recent Wonderlic test results of the quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL draft. Most notably, Johnny Manziel supposedly scored a 32 and is tops among all the gunslingers that participated at this years combine. Jeff Mathews of Cornell beat all QB’s with a 40.

UofL vs. FIU 654 300x200 Teddy Bridgewater Scores Poorly On Wonderlic Test

Photo – Laura Stovall

The Wonderlic Test is a 12-minute, 50-question exam that is designed to measure learning and problem-solving abilities. The test is given to almost every draft-eligible player, and it has been administered by the NFL for more than 30 years.

So what about Teddy Bridgewater? Well, it feels like Teddy has been getting worse and worse feedback and analysis from all the “experts” and before the Wonderlic test, projected as the last pick in the eighth round. Okay so obviously I exaggerated a bit seeing that there are only seven rounds.

Mock drafts have Bridgewater going anywhere from No.4 to Cleveland to the second round. Personally, I think he goes to the Browns but not at No.4 rather at No.26. Look for Sammy Watkins to go at the fourth pick. Bridgewater throwing to Watkins and Josh Gordon could be just what the Dawg Pound ordered in Cleveland but that’s another story.

Teddy reportedly scored a 20 and certainly did not help his stock in the eyes of some. Others are not too concerned with the lower score by Teddy and Manziel’s higher score certainly doesn’t guarantee that he is going to put up his video-game-like numbers on Sundays.

Teddy and Johnny thelandryhat 300x251 Teddy Bridgewater Scores Poorly On Wonderlic Test

Photo – thelandryhat.com
Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater at the combine

The average score for a quarterback is 24

Some notable scores from the past include:

Ryan Fitzpatrick (48)

Alex Smith (40)

Eli Manning (39)

Colin Kaepernick (38)

Andrew Luck (37)

Tony Romo (37)

Aaron Rodgers (35)

Tom Brady (33)

Peyton Manning (28)

Russell Wilson (24)

Let me caution those who are putting very much stock into the relevance of the Wonderlic. There was once a QB that played for the Pittsburgh Panthers that went on to become a legend with the Miami Dolphins and NFL Hall of Famer. That QB was of course, Dan Marino. Oh yeah, he scored a 15 on his test.

Frank Gore scored a six and has done pretty well well the 49er’s while former LSU standout cornerback, Morris Claiborne, scored the lowest ever with a four. Claiborne went on to be drafted in the top 10 in 2012 by the Cowboys and had a very nice rookie season before losing his starting spot due to dislocating his left shoulder. The highest ever score was a perfect 50 by Harvard alum, Pat McInally.