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It was the first day of the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis Friday and there was a lot of Teddy Bridgewater buzz going around.

Let’s take a look at what scout and media were saying.

-Most of the talk has been about the size of Bridgewater’s hands, that’s right I said his hands. Apparently he has small hands. Some Louisville fans probably know this, there was a lot of discussion in his three years with the Cardinals when he would wear one to two pairs of gloves. Especially when it was raining.


Top three quarterback’s hand size from combine measurements
Johnny Manziel 9 7/8
Blake Bortles 9 3/8
Teddy Bridgewater 9 1/4

More on Bridgewater’s hand issues.

The Courier-Journal also asks the question, will Teddy’s hands hurt where he is drafted.

-Teddy has been working hard and gaining some weight.He was measured at 6’2″ and 1/8, and weighed 214 pounds.teddy Teddy Bridgewater NFL Combine Day 1 News

Johnny Football is 5’11 3/4, weighing 207 lbs. and Bortles put up monster numbers with 6’5″, 232 lbs.

-This Cleveland.com writer says Bridgewater is the most NFL ready QB and does a great job explaining why.


He is smart, showing off his football IQ by running a pro-style offense and making checks at the line of scrimmage. Unlike other QB’s in this year’s draft, Bridgewater goes through his progressions, manipulating the defense with his eyes and tossing the ball on target. 

The engine of the Louisville offense the last three years is the most NFL-ready QB in the draft.

-So these things are real and I want a couple thousand of them.

 teddy b Teddy Bridgewater NFL Combine Day 1 News


 –The Raiders could trade down to get Teddy.

There are four other former Cardinals in the combine; Calvin Pryor, Damian Copeland, Marcus Smith and Preston Brown. Here is some quick hitters of them.

– Marcus Smith NFL draft profile

-No real news on Preston Brown.

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