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Teddy Bridgewater and The NFL Draft

At the beginning of the season Teddy Bridgewater certainly looked to be one of the best quarterback prospects in the NCAA. Bridgewater opened the season with staggering completion percentages and passing yards and looked to be putting the finishing touches on what most thought would be his final season at the University of Louisville.

Fast forward to today as most people sit and wait for the NFL Draft where Bridgewater will be drafted is a question many people are contemplating. From the moment he went without his well known glove on his throwing hand Teddy’s draft stock has fell more each day. The player who was once at the top of Mel Kiper’s draft board is now struggling to stay in the first round.

Many people wonder why Teddy didn’t wear a glove in his pro day and he has told different sources that he went without the glove while training in Florida but admits that it was a bad decision on his part to not wear it in his pro day. For many scouts Bridgewater’s pro day was the first time they had seen him in person and to say the least many seem to think that he underachieved underthrowing many of his receivers in what was supposed to be a showcase of his talents.

When I look at Teddy Bridgewater I see a hard working, extremely talented you man. Just because of one bad workout many NFL scouts and General Managers are looking elsewhere for someone to be their franchise quarterback but if you just take a look at the tape you can see how talented Teddy is. He excelled in an offense that truly didn’t always allow him to showcase his talents. Under Head Coach Charlie Strong and his pro offense many people are left wondering how would Teddy have looked in Bobby Petrino’s quarterback geared offense. Would Bridgewater have made up for his bad pro day by playing a season under Petrino? A question that many Louisville fans will have to leave unanswered.

I write this article from a Kentucky fans perspective. I have always believed you should give credit where credit is due and Teddy Bridgewater, whether you love him or hate him is one of the most talented quarterbacks in tonight’s NFL Draft and I personally am rooting for you Teddy.