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It was Russ Smith’s last game as a Louisville Cardinal after losing to the Kentucky Wildcats Friday night in the Sweet 16. Smith has changed a lot as a player and a person in his four years at Louisville. From a shoot first baller to a team leader. He is not an easy player for Louisville fans to let go of.

He has become a class act, a great representative of the University and program.

Russ Smith went into Kentucky’s locker room and shook each players hand and congratulated them. That takes a special person to be that humble after such a tough loss.

He then said this to the media after.

russel Russ Smith Shows Class After Losing To Kentucky Wildcats

Even the biggest Kentucky homer has to admit that takes class.

As Smith now head to the league Pitino will be able to relax a little more, but I know he will be wishing he still had a Russ Smith on his team. Russ is one of a kind.



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