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NCAA tournament bracket

It’s about that time ladies and gentlemen! Tis’ the season! College basketball that is. One thing we can always guarantee during college basketball season is that nothing is guaranteed. Kentucky looked like Goliath when the pre-season polls had them ranked #1, with comparisons to the Fab 5 of Michigan.  Now those expectations are nothing but a distant memory. Florida was picked behind Kentucky, although they were in the top 10 in the pre-season polls. Florida has went on to dominate the SEC, cruising to an 18 win season in the SEC, the most in history. Louisville has had a pretty good season too considering what they lost. Even Indiana has had a few surprising wins as well. I’ve decided to provide you guys with my predictions for the remainder of the college basketball season. If you’re team is not on the list, my apologies. (Sike)

Kentucky Wildcats 22-9 (12-6 SEC)

With quality wins over Louisville, and Tennessee, the Cats have been playing sloppy all season it seems, and head into the SEC tourney coming off a 19 point loss to the #1 ranked Florida Gators. Prediction: SEC Tournament: Kentucky will lose vs Florida in the SEC Finals. NCAA Tournament: 6th seed. Kentucky will surprise some people and make it to the Elite 8. They will have the talent but they will be beaten by a more experienced team.


Louisville Cardinals 26-5 (15-3 AAC)

Louisville is a team that has really stepped their game up . Recent wins over Cincinnati and Connecticut will have the Card son the verge of another run in the NCAA tourney.  Prediction: AAC Tournament: Louisville’s defense is stifling, and will prove to be too much as they go on to win the AAC crown. NCAA Tournament: 3 seed. Louisville and their top 3 nationally ranked defense will make another run towards the NCAA title but will be stopped short in the Elite 8. Their lack of inside play (outside of Montrezl) will be their Achilles heel, causing them to be beaten by a team with a solid frontcourt.

Indiana 17-14 (7-11 Big Ten)

Indiana has had a year with high high’s and low low’s. Very quality wins over Wisconsin (ranked #3 at the time), Ohio State and Michigan. They have had bad losses including Northwestern, Penn State and Purdue. Prediction: Big Ten Tournament: The spotty Hoosiers will try to play spoiler, only to lose in the first round of the Big Ten tourney. NCAA Tournament: Next four out. Better luck next year.

Florida 29-2 (18-0 SEC)

Florida has the experience and tools to win the coveted NCAA Championship. This is probably one of the best teams in Billy Donovan’s tenure as Florida coach. Prediction: SEC Tournament: Florida uses their tough inside game, with their tremendous perimeter game to run through the SEC Tournament to win the title defeating Kentucky. NCAA Tournament: #1 Overall. The Gator’s experience to go along with their ever-improving defense make the first couple rounds look easy. I look for them to meet up with another experience laden team to lose in the Final Four.

My pick for NCAA Champion: Michigan State Spartans

I love this team. Not as much as my Wildcats , but how can you not like Tom Izzo in March/April? When healthy (which looks to be about now) the Spartans have an experienced, and deep team. Appling is a monster, and Gary Harris is a very versatile player. If any possible roadblocks stand in the way I would only have to say  Florida in the Final Four or Elite 8. Other than that, expect Izzo and the Spartans to enjoy that “One shining moment!”