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Myron Medcalf Says Kentucky Can’t Be Trusted….Yet


Over on ESPN.com Myron Medcalf who I enjoy reading put a column out talking about eight teams he believes you can not trust in the NCAA Tournament just yet. One of those eight making the list was Kentucky.

Medcalf just isn’t sold on these Wildcats. Only one resume win that came verses Louisville while suffering a few bad losses, most recently to South Carolina. Here’s the excerpt from his article about UK.

Kentucky: Well, this didn’t work. Kentucky entered the season as one of the most hyped squads in college basketball history. The Wildcats had everything, it seemed. Julius Randle & Co. were supposed to be another great Kentucky team. Now look at the Wildcats, who lost to South Carolina over the weekend. You definitely can’t trust them. But this is still a team with a bunch of guys who could be NBA millionaires in a matter of months. Yes, a win over Louisville is the only major accomplishment on Kentucky’s resume. The Wildcats are ranked only because they’re the Wildcats. Who have they defeated? And yet, no coach in America wants to play this disjointed group of talent that might figure it out in the Big Dance.

However, Medcalf ends the blurb with what a lot of Kentucky fans are still hoping and wanting. The possibility of a run in the NCAA Tournament as this team is loaded with NBA talent.

I would also agree that no coach or only a handful in America would actually be OK playing Kentucky in the tournament. Yes, they may be “disjointed” and the season has gone much different than expected but can all be erased in the next month.

What are your thoughts about Medcalf’s view??