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If you followed the Louisville Cardinals last year through the Big East Tournament championship and then through their National Championship run they never cut down the nets until beating Michigan in the championship. Why? They had unfinished business.

This year’s team seems to have that same mentality. They still have some things they want to prove.

“We don’t cut down conference championship nets. We have bigger goals,” Luke Hancock said after beating UConn in the AAC Tournament championship. 


What are their goals? Another chance at a National Championship.

When they tried to hand Hancock and the rest of the team the scissors in the FedEx Forum, they just kept on walking. They have a mindset, a hunger.

Now on Sunday night the Louisville Cardinals will not be the No.1 seeded team in the NCAA Tournament like they were last year. They probably wont even get a No.1 seed. If you mix their desire to win back-to-back National Championships with a little bit of a chip on their shoulder after not getting the seed they possibly deserve, this team has everything they need to stay focused.

It is scary to think that Louisville has the exact same record going into the tournament as they did last year. It is even more scary that this year’s team seems to be blowing out their competition a little bit more than last year.

Louisville fans should prepare themselves for a long couple weeks, this could get interesting.



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