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The Louisville Cardinals will play Friday night at 7pm against Houston at a chance to play in the first ever American Athletic Conference championship. Louisville beat Rutgers Thursday by 61 points, 92-31. They allowed Rutgers to score just 16 points in the first-half and then did a little bit better by allowing just 15 in the second.

Ken Pomeroy now has the Louisville Cardinals listed second on his ratings, with Arizona just above them and Florida at No.3. Zona also had a dominant performance Thursday as they beat Utah 71-39.

kenpom.com 2014 4 13 1 40 59 Louisville Cardinals 2nd In Pomeroy Ratings


For what each rating means go HERE.

Louisville forced 26 turnovers against Rutgers, 17 in the first-half. They also out rebounded them 50-33. Compared to last year’s championship run, Louisville seems to be right on pace.


Kentucky is 25th on the ratings.



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