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Most people were forced to watch the President give his State of the Union Address Tuesday night, others were watching Kentucky struggle against an unranked LSU team, 87-82 . What does this loss mean? Does it mean anything or is it just a bump in the road?

If you look at the grand scheme of things, the loss is not that big of a deal. Louisville lost three straight in January and ended up alright. College basketball is a whirlwind of emotions for players, coaches and its fans. It is the nature of the beast, any team can win on any given night. But this loss showed some things that are haunting.

Some stats to note; LSU had 11 steals, 11 blocks and 15 assists. Kentucky had 15 turnovers. Willie Cauley-Stein played just 15 minutes and had three points and six rebounds. The sophomore big man was doing well, but this game was a step back.

Hustle  and heart was in question by any and everyone watching the Wildcats, except for freshman big man Dakari Johnson. James Young also played like a man who wanted to win, leading the Cats with . He seemed to be the only one who wanted to win. You cannot win a championship, you can not make a run in a tournament if you do not have a want to play with 100-percent. There is about 1,000 quotes from John Wooden that say exactly that.

Now Aaron Harrison hit a couple late threes to help him get 14 points, but him and his brother Andrew showed that they have a lot to work on.


Not even John Calipari could help his players to be motivated.


Box Score

I will let some of the basketball analysts prove my point that this team does not have the heart to bring Kentucky a 9th championship.



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