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The Kentucky Wildcats haven’t even played a game in the SEC tournament, but one fan is very optimistic about how the end of the 2013-14 season is going to go. A man named Tyrone from Richmond, KY. got a 2014 National Champions tattoo and posted it on his Twitter account Thursday. It went viral very quickly, even reported on ESPN.

kentucky fan Kentucky Wildcats Fan Gets 2014 National Champions Tattoo

The 22-9 Wildcats will play LSU Friday night, regardless of the outcome there is a good chance that Kentucky will go into the NCAA Tournament as a 7th-seed.

Many Kentucky fans have invaded Atlanta this week, that is why they call it Catlanta. There is a lot of anticipation that Calipari’s tweak will rejuvenate the young Cats and help them to make a run.  These Kentucky Wildcats fans even made shirts.

twitter.com 2014 4 12 22 25 7 Kentucky Wildcats Fan Gets 2014 National Champions Tattoo


Will this Kentucky fans new tattoo be done in vain? We shall see in about a week, if not sooner.


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