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After the second loss to an unranked marginal SEC team for the Kentucky basketball team in less than 48 hours there is no one that seems to have any answers. Players seem frustrated, John Calipari can’t even stand watching from the sideline, hence being kicked out with 11 minutes left in the 2nd-half.

Losing by five against a team that is 4-12 in SEC play is a rough way to start off March. Especially to a South Carolina team who lost to USC Upstate at home earlier in the season.

So what should the young Kentucky Wildcats do? This is not the dynasty Calipari and Big Blue Nation was hoping and praying for. Saying, “wait til next year,” has social media blowing up with overused memes.”We are college basketball” from Calipari’s mouth still echos in Rupp. 40-0 shirts are being shipped to Haiti. NIT loss still fresh in the minds of fans in Lexington.

What should be done Kentucky fans?

Maybe a “Players first team” doesn’t really work. Maybe instead of players first it should be a team first.

We are talking about a team that has six or seven future NBA players. A team that had so much potential that analysts considered them the best team in the country before the season started.


 Why was the team not ready? It is March 1st, whose fault is it that the team was not ready. Is it the players or the coach? These are legit questions, that most seem to have no answers to is. The fact that people from the outside have so many questions to me seems to be the issue.


The answer to the issues could be the simple fact that it isn’t working. Calipari can’t sell it anymore, fans want actions not words right?

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe having 20 players in the NBA is enough, who needs another NCAA title.

 Now there is still a lot of basketball to be played and Kentucky has talent, we already addressed that. But Kentucky is moving further and further in the NCAA bracket seed predictions, would be hard to make a run when you are a 10 seed.

The players still believe. Aaron Harrison said this via the Courier-Journal, “Coming up, we know what we can do and it’s going to be a great story.”

 Would love to know your thoughts as Kentucky fans. Are you ok with the direction of the team? Is saying “wait til next year” getting old?

Comment your thoughts below.