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Projecting potential draft picks in any sport is a difficult thing to do for even the most knowledgeable expert. Sure fire firsts round picks often find their way into later rounds after one bad workout. Sometimes players that are perceived risky picks will wow a general manager one day and become a first rounder.

Some things are certain, however, in any sporting draft and will hold true in the upcoming NBA draft on June 26, 2014.

First, there will always be a contingent of fans and or analysts that disagree with a certain pick or question why said team selects who they do. New York Jets fans come to mind most often.

Second, with so many websites and each site having what seems like no less than ten “draft gurus” you can find mock drafts projecting one player going anywhere from the first round to the fourth round and beyond depending on their respective sport.

Luckily for basketball fans, and there are a few around this great state of Kentucky, the NBA only has two rounds so fans don’t have to sit through round after round after round of “bonehead picks” by these “ignorant” team executives.

twins harrisons uk 300x200 Harrison Twins Coming Back To Kentucky?

Two names that generate a lot of buzz in Wildcat country aka Big Blue Nation, are of course, Andrew and Aaron Harrison. The “twins” as they’re affectionately known as by the blue-bloods, have been projected anywhere from both of them going in the first round by the Sporting News mock draft to not getting drafted at all by Draft Express.

After reaching out to some of my better trusted UK people and even a national NBA guy, I started getting the feeling that the twins would be making their way back to John Calipari and the Wildcats for at least one more season.

It’s not very hard to read between the lines after listening to the talking heads on the plethora of sports talk shows we have available for our listening pleasures. Both Aaron and Andrew seem to be getting feedback from NBA execs and GM’s that does not appear to be in their favor.

*The wildcard in this equation is Aaron Harrison Sr. The twins’ father has been vocal about not wanting his boys at UK another year and is nudging them to leave. The brothers Harrison, however, are torn.

Andrew was the hotter name of the two early on in their freshman season and was at one time, considered a lock as a lottery pick in June’s draft. His play took a back seat to Aaron, though, in the NCAA Tournament, a time when way more people that matter to their futures as pros, were watching.

Aaron’s ability to hit game winning shots multiple times helped spark the Wildcats amazing run to the national finals while Andrew seemed to cool off and slide further and further down the line of potential first rounders. Some think that maybe Aaron will enter the draft while Andrew returns to “Camelot”. Others vehemently say that they will both either leave together or return together.

As an outsider, (I’m a big Louisville fan in case you didn’t know) my two cents is that both Harrison’s are better off returning and honing their skills.

Andrew showed at times that he is a very good facilitator on offense and can create his own shot. He is a decent shooter but not great. My main concern for him is that he is a liability most times on defense and that’s against college guards. He needs to improve his lateral foot movement and maturity on the court.

nba draft standingsports 300x170 Harrison Twins Coming Back To Kentucky?

For Aaron, I believe he will actually be a late first rounder due to his shooting ability from the perimeter and knack for taking and making big shots. He’s not a great defender either but as a shooting guard, he won’t be called upon to  guard a quicker point guard. Aaron also showed me more maturity on a consistent basis and that could play into a teams decision.

No matter what happens, they both have all the talent and ability to become very good NBA players and have long successful careers. Calipari could definitely improve their stock with another year of seasoning, most notably on the defensive game which Cal is known for being a master.

All of these speculations will come to a head in just nine days as they have until April 27 to declare for the draft or stay in Lexington. Stay Tuned.

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