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The Kentucky-Louisville rivalry is something that other states do not understand. Yes, we are citizens of the same state. Some of us have houses divided, we live amongst the opposite fan base every day. In this, we are the same as Duke and UNC, but let’s make something clear; I will not cheer on the Kentucky Wildcats Saturday night and if the shoe were on the other foot, BBN would not be cheering on Louisville.

It isn’t a hatred of people or players, although some would say it is, I just cannot find it within myself to root for the Kentucky Wildcats. Sure the players seem like great kids and have worked hard. I can even admit that they have been playing amazing in the NCAA Tournament. I have said things this week like, “This could be Calipari’s best coaching job” and “Those Harrison twins have really improved” but this does not mean that I will be wearing blue or hope for Kentucky to advance on Saturday.

Some Kentucky fans seem to think that I should change my wardrobe though. To be honest, I don’t even own very much blue and do not care to.

The past week has been rough for Louisville fans. It is hard to watch other teams move on in the tournament and have no one to root for. When your rival is moving on to the Final Four it is even more difficult to deal with. I am sure Kentucky fans would tell you they were salty as they watched Louisville win it all last year while their team lost in the first game of the NIT (Ah…Good Times). 

So, as a Louisville fan, I will not be cheering for the Cats Saturday night. I will be wearing red, I will be rolling my eyes during John Calipari’s press conferences and I will hope for a better result in next year’s matchup in the Yum Center. It is a rivalry and it is enjoyable all year long.




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