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CBS Sports Gary Parrish Says Kentucky Would Still be #1 with Ohio State Schedule

Eye On College Basketball writer Gary Parrish, cbssports.com, wrote a piece last night talking about Kentucky. He mentions that yes, UK has not been the expected team to date but it’s not as bad as seems. Losing to three ranked teams, Baylor, Michigan St, North Carolina, isn’t the end of the world some have seemed to lead on. And, I totally agree with him. This team is very young and it’s still December!

Parrish then went on to say that he believes Kentucky would still be #1 in the country playing Ohio States schedule. Once again, showing the early losses and strength of schedule for UK could be a good thing. Parrish quoted this:

“Let UK spend the first five weeks of the season playing that schedule, and my guess is the Wildcats would be undefeated right now and still ranked No. 1, and isn’t that kinda wild to consider? It doesn’t mean Kentucky would actually be any better as a team than it is at this moment. But the perception of the Wildcats would be drastically different. That’s my point. And that’s my only point — that UK’s struggles are at least somewhat schedule-induced.”

Here is the Buckeye schedule to date:
Morgan State (Home)
Ohio (Home)
Marquette (Road)
American (Home)
Wyoming (Home)
North Florida (Home)
Maryland (Home)
Central Connecticut (Home)
Bryant (Home)
North Dakota State (Home)

You be the judge but I again agree with Parrish that UK would be undefeated. It would be very wild to consider but very possible so let’s not sink on this team just yet. They are good and we know it, it’s just when will it click. Go Cats!

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