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Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan is heading to his first Final Four as they take on the Kentucky Wildcats. In Monday’s teleconference he seemed to take a shot at Big Blue Nation. Now he never said BBN or even Kentucky for that matter, but come on who else would he be talking about.


Seems like Bo might have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Ryan was also asked about the comment that Florida head coach Billy Donoven made about the contrasting styles of Kentucky and Wisconsin.

“Well, I think Billy was having some fun with you. Kentucky’s trying to put the ball in the hole; we’re trying to put the ball in the hole. We’re trying keep them from doing it; they’re trying to keep us from doing it. If that’s styles, I didn’t know there were that many. I don’t see it totally as that. If other people do, they could explain to you why. But we are who we are right now. We’re not changing. They’re who they are right now. So it’s–whatever people want to say about styles and all that, I leave it up to them. I’ve never gotten caught up in that kind of a conversation.”

He did say some nice things about Kentucky and John Calipari, “John’s done a great job of getting those guys, as young as they are, to play together and do the things they’re doing. And they’re playing their best at the right time, obviously, or you don’t get to this point.”



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