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The Arkansas Razorbacks went just 3-9 last season, 0-8 in the SEC. Of course it was coach Bret Bielema’s first year with the team and he did take over the team in a strange situation. Bielema blames a lot of why the season did not go the way he wanted it to because of the lack of talent left on the roster by Bobby Petrino and maybe a little on John L. Smith.

Bielema said in a radio interview:

“I took the job with a certain expectation. I really thought, coming in, because of the guy that I was replacing, I thought we would have a plethora of quarterbacks, wide receivers and offensive skill and expected the defense to have certain things in place. That really wasn’t the case. It’s not a knock on our guys. For what we need to do offensively and defensively, there was not as much as I thought was going to be there.”

Bobby Petrino of course was let go by Arkansas after his incident off the field and was replaced by another former Louisville head coach John L. Smith. Smith probably did not recruit too much because he was more of an interim while they searched for a new coach. So the lack of talent would fall more on Petrino.

As Bleacher Report SEC writer Barrett Sallee put it:

But that’s just the thing, it is a knock on the players brought into the program by former head coach Bobby Petrino and one-year replacement John L. Smith; more so a knock on Petrino because it’s not a big assumption to connect the dots and tie Petrino—who’s known for his offensive prowess—to the offensive skill players Bielema thought would be on campus.

First off, I feel bad for the players who were recruited by Petrino on the Arkansas roster, their coach doesn’t think they have much talent.

Secondly, Petrino seems to be recruiting just fine at Louisville and from what I remember he did pretty well getting talent in his four year’s at Arkansas.

I understand that coach Bielema took over a team that had been through a lot, just think he should have thought a little more before he talked about his issues with his roster.


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