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A Sick Russ Smith Shoots Lights Out, Adds To His Louisville Legacy

russ rick

Russ Smith was needed for the Louisville Cardinals to beat No.18 SMU Wednesday. The Mustangs were undefeated at home this season and the atmosphere in Moody Coliseum was as hostile as the Cards have seen all season. Smith answered the call with 26 points, shooting 6-6 from three. He scored 22 points in the 2nd-half. Louisville won, 84-71.

Little did anyone know that Russ Smith was battling a stomach bug. He even puked a couple times during the game. Such a Russdiculous thing to have happened right?

This adds to an amazing and interesting four years with the Louisville Cardinals for Smith. Some moments you wanted to shake him and some you were just blown away with what he is able to do. At the end of the day the Brooklyn native has done a lot more good for Louisville than bad.

We will all sit back and discuss the 6’0″ fearless Smith until we are old and grey, now we have another story to remissness about. The night a sick Russ beat SMU while he was ill. 

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