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John Calipari did his regular radio show on the IMG Network Monday night and discussed how physical the game has gotten late in the season. To prepare for the upcoming SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament, Cal had the Kentucky Wildcats playing in football pads and helmets in practice.

He said they are doing that so they are used to the physical play and so his team plays that way as well. “If that is the way they are going to call the game that is what we are going to do.”

“They still enjoyed it, they had fun.”

He mentioned the way refs are calling the game in his SEC Teleconference as well. (Complete transcript @ The Courier-Journal)

We’re going to be more physical in practice. The games have gotten more and more physical. Hands up and be physical. Put your hands up in the air on a drive and be physical. Put your hands up in the air in the post and be physical. We’re going four days of that. Teams that have played that way have had a big advantage, so we’re going back to that.

Will this help, we shall see. You may remember Louisville wearing MMA helmets last year in practice because of concussions. It seemed to help them.

Calipari also mentioned in his radio show that he had tweaked the offense just a little. He did not elaborate what that meant, but he did say it made for an exciting practice.



 The Kentucky Wildcats will play the winner of LSU/Alabama Friday night.


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