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Kentucky Basketball: Comparing This Year’s Team To Last Year’s

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Well, the regular season is over for the Kentucky basketball team and there are just as many questions this year as there were going into last year’s SEC Championship.

I thought it would be interesting to compare this year’s team to last year’s. Maybe it will help fans see things in the positive or maybe it will make their tournament dreams decrease.

 2013 Team By The End NIT Loss

Points Per Game– 72.6

Points Allowed– 64.5

Rebounds Per Game- 37.8

Assists Per Game– 13.4

Steals Per Game-6

Blocks Per Game– 7


Field Goal Percentage- 47.5

Free Throw Percentage- 64.2

Three Point Percentage- 34.6

Points Per Possession- 1.08


 2013-14 Team (As of March 9th)

Points Per Game– 76.3

Points Allowed– 67.1

Rebounds Per Game- 41.2

Assists Per Game– 11.5

Steals Per Game-5

Blocks Per Game– 6


Field Goal Percentage- 45.2

Free Throw Percentage- 68.7

Three Point Percentage- 31.4

Points Per Possession- 1.12


When you look at the stats, the first thing that jumps out is rebounds. Kentucky’s ability to rebound the ball, especially on the offensive side, keeps them in games and makes their field goal percentage a little more acceptable.

This year’s team does not pass the ball as well and doesn’t shoot as well from three-point range.

Kentucky ended their regular season at home, beating Florida 61-57. This year they ended their regular season losing to the Gators, 84-65.

The biggest difference is that Kentucky will get to show what they can do in the NCAA Tournament, where anything can happen.



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